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This paper discusses the application of artificial intelligence (AI) concepts to the monitoring of a lab-scale Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) treating nitrogen-rich wastewater (sanitary landfill leachate). The paper describes the implementation of a fuzzy inferential system to identify the correct switching sequence of the process and discusses the results(More)
The Orbetello lagoon is a shallow brackish waterbody subject to intense and diverse eutrophication (phytoplancton, macroalgae and macrophytes). Periodically a large amount of algae must be artificially removed, their collection and disposal representing a considerable management cost. This paper describes the design of a bloom predictor based on the daily(More)
The aim of the paper is to assess the experimental errors arising from the operation of a closed respirometer using autotrophic biomass. A closed, intermittent-flow device has been set-up for the measurement of oxygen uptake rate (OUR) and parameter calibration. After describing the device structure and operation, the factors affecting accuracy have been(More)
This paper presents a method for extracting representative patterns from a set of data representing circadian cycles. The analysis is based on a combination of wavelet filtering and fuzzy clustering. The data are first processed with a discrete wavelet decomposition in order to filter out the noise and isolate the relevant circadian cycle. It is shown that(More)
The present paper reports the results of the application of a control system, based on artificial intelligence concepts, for the automation of a bench-scale SBR treating leachate generated in old landfills. Attention was given to the nitritation and denitritation processes in order to enhance the nitrogen removal efficiency. Nitrification and nitrogen(More)
A bench-scale SBR was operated for almost three years in an attempt to optimise the treatment of leachates generated in old landfill. The results of the first two years were used to design a monitoring and control system based on artificial intelligence concepts. Nitrogen removal was optimized via the nitrite shortcut. Nitrification and N removal were(More)