Stefano Marsili-Libelli

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The Orbetello lagoon is a shallow brackish waterbody subject to intense and diverse eutrophication (phytoplancton, macroalgae and macrophytes). Periodically a large amount of algae must be artificially removed, their collection and disposal representing a considerable management cost. This paper describes the design of a bloom predictor based on the daily(More)
Automatic fault detection is becoming increasingly important in wastewater treatment plant operation, given the stringent treatment standards and the need to protect the investment costs from the potential damage of an unchecked fault propagating through the plant. This paper describes the development of a real-time Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI)(More)
Whenever the carbon/nitrogen ratio of a domestic wastewater is too low, full denitrification is difficult to obtain and an additional source of organic carbon has to be provided. Since loading conditions may vary appreciably over the diurnal cycle, depending on the weather and sewage conditions, dosing should be controlled by an adaptive regulator to keep(More)
A common limitation of the Activated Sludge Models (the representation of the nitrification dynamics as a single-step process and the consequent denitrification on nitrate alone. This generally acknowledged simplification may represent a serious limitation in specific applications where nitrites become important, either as a target final product or an(More)
Water quality modelling in small rivers is often considered unworthy from a practical and economic viewpoint. This paper shows instead that a simple model structure can be set up to describe the stationary water quality in small river basins in terms of carbon and nitrogen compounds, when the use of complex models is unfeasible. In short rivers point and(More)
The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is a widely used process for biological removal of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) from wastewater. It is normally operated on a fixed switching schedule, resulting in an inefficient process operation. This paper proposes a switching strategy based on an adaptive fuzzy inferential engine. In this way the duration of(More)