Stefano Maria Pagnotta

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MOTIVATION Copy number alterations (CNAs) represent an important component of genetic variation and play a significant role in many human diseases. Development of array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) technology has made it possible to identify CNAs. Identification of recurrent CNAs represents the first fundamental step to provide a list of genomic(More)
We describe a novel bioinformatic and translational pathology approach, gene Signature Finder Algorithm (gSFA) to identify biomarkers associated with Colorectal Cancer (CRC) survival. Here a robust set of CRC markers is selected by an ensemble method. By using a dataset of 232 gene expression profiles, gSFA discovers 16 highly significant small gene(More)
Signature learning from gene expression consists into selecting a subset of molecular markers which best correlate with prognosis. It can be cast as a feature selection problem. Here we use as optimality criterion the separation between survival curves of clusters induced by the selected features. We address some important problems in this fields such as(More)
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