Stefano Marchetti

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The deficiency of human acid beta-glucosidase (hGCase) causes Gaucher disease, a rare genetically-inherited disorder currently treated by enzyme replacement therapy using recombinant CHO-derived GCase. In an attempt to provide an alternative and more efficient production system, a chimeric cDNA coding for hGCase operatively linked to the signal peptide of(More)
BACKGROUND Most people prefer to receive end-of-life care in familiar surroundings rather than in hospital. This study examines variation in place of death for people dying from Parkinson's disease (PD) across 11 European and non-European countries. METHODS Using death certificate data of 2008 for Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, New(More)
Tendon injuries are commonly met in the emergency department. Unfortunately, tendon tissue has limited regeneration potential and usually the consequent formation of scar tissue causes inferior mechanical properties. Nanoparticles could be used in different way to improve tendon healing and regeneration, ranging from scaffolds manufacturing (increasing the(More)
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