Stefano Marchesin

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Rijndael is the winner algorithm of the AES contest; therefore it should become the most used symmetric-key cryptographic algorithm. One important application of this new standard is cryptography on smart cards. In this paper we present an optimisation of the Rijndael algorithm to speed up execution on 32-bits processors with memory constraints , such as(More)
Keyword-based access systems to relational data address a challenging and important issue, i.e. letting users to exploit natural language to access databases whose schema and instance are possibly unknown. Unfortunately, there are almost no shared implementations of such systems and this hampers the reproducibility of experimental results. We explore the(More)
A PCR-RFLP analysis of the restriction pattern in nuclear (RAG2) and mitochondrial (12S/16S) gene sequences of bat species from the Molossidae, Phyllostomidae, Vespertilionidae, and Emballonuridae families produced a large number of fragments: 107 for RAG2 and 155 for 12S/16S combined in 139 and 402 haplotypes, respectively. The values detected for gene(More)
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