Stefano Marchesi

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For this study we consulted the Bone Marrow Donors' Registry of Lombardy (Italy) and analyzed 43937 HLA-A,B phenotypes and 13922 HLA-A,B,DR phenotypes. We estimated the HLA-A,B and HLA-A,B,DR haplotype frequencies via the maximum-likelihood method. We analyzed the genetic structure of the 11 provinces of Lombardy by means of Principal Component Analysis and(More)
The COSMOS-Legacy survey is a 4.6 Ms Chandra program that has imaged 2.2 deg 2 of the COSMOS field with an effective exposure of 160 ks over the central 1.5 deg 2 and of 80 ks in the remaining area. The survey is the combination of 56 new observations, obtained as an X-ray Visionary Project, with the previous C-COSMOS survey. We describe the reduction and(More)
A novel solvent-free solid-state synthesis was used to prepare a non-crystalline polysilsesquioxane sample, with a peculiar viscous form. The material was synthesized through direct self-condensation of a partially condensed polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) and its physico-chemical properties, in terms of composition/structure, thermal stability(More)
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