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The present investigation aimed to point out some epidemiological and clinical features of renal colic in our region. All emergency department (ED) visits performed from 1 January to 31 December 2005 were reviewed to select those with diagnosis of renal colic or kidney stones. There were 70,621 visits to the University of Pisa ED. Renal colic or stone were(More)
The Italian INFN-Grid Project is committed to setup , run and manage an unprecedented nationwide Grid infrastructure. The implementation and use of this INFN-Grid Testbed is presented and discussed. Particular care and attention are devoted to those activities, relevant for the management of the Testbed, carried out by the INFN within international Grid(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the working hypothesis that inflammation underlying precocious and severe coronary atherosclerotic disease in familial hypoalphalipoproteinaemia (FH) can be mediated by up regulation of the innate immune response. METHODS AND RESULTS 52 patients with FH were compared with 52 healthy controls with regard to immune system markers such as C(More)
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