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Visual query systems (VQSs) are query systems for databases that use visual representations to depict the domain of interest and express related requests. VQSs can be seen as an evolution of query languages adopted into database management systems; they are designed to improve the effectiveness of the human-computer communication. Thus, their most important(More)
Digital annotation of multimedia documents adds information to a document (e.g. a web page) or parts of it (a multimedia object such as an image or a video stream contained in the document). Digital annotations can be kept private or shared among different users over the internet, allowing discussions and cooperative work. We study the possibility of(More)
The paper describes a new indexing methodology for image databases integrating color and spatial information for content-based image retrieval. This methodology, called Spatial-Chromatic Histogram (SCH), synthesizing in few values information about the location of pixels having the same color and their arrangement within the image, can be more satisfactory(More)
Despite recent advances of electronic technologies in e-learning, a consolidated evaluation methodology for e-learning applications is not available. The evaluation of educational software must consider its usability and more in general its accessibility, as well as its didactic effectiveness. This work is a first step towards the definition of a(More)
1 Abstract-We describe an approach for multiparadigmatic visual access to databases, which is proposed to achieve seamless integration of different interaction paradigms. The user is provided with an adaptive interface augmented by a user model, supporting different visual representations of both data and queries. The visual representations are(More)
In picture processing it is often convenient to deal with a stick-like version (skeleton) of binary digital images. Although skeleton connectedness is not necessary for storage and retrieval purposes, this property is desirable when a structural description of images is of interest. In this paper a parallel procedure is described which, applied to a(More)
An image can be regarded as a fuzzy subset of a plane. A fuzzy entropy measuring the blur in an image is a functional which increases when the sharpness of its argument image decreases. We generalize and extend the relation "sharper than" between fuzzy sets in view of implementing the properties of a relation "sharper than" between images. We show that(More)