Stefano Levi Mortera

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UNLABELLED In order to characterize newborn mouse gut microbiota phylotypes in very early-life stages, an original metaproteomic pipeline, based on LC-MS(2)-spectra and Mascot driven NCBI non-redundant repository database interrogation was developed. An original computational analysis assisted in the generation of a taxonomic gut architecture from protein(More)
BACKGROUND Platelets, the smallest human blood cells component, have a key role in the control of haemostasis and thrombosis but they have also been shown to be implicated in a number of different pathological states because of their involvement also in the process of inflammation end its resolution. Their peculiar anucleated morphology render the(More)
Platelets are of pathophysiological relevance in haemostasis, wound repair, inflammation and cardiovascular disease. We have shown that human platelets express a biologically active Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator, which is dysfunctional in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients, and regulate platelet responses related to inflammation and its(More)
A series of chiral tris-(1,10)-phenanthroline iron(II) complexes have been resolved by HPLC on chiral stationary phases based on either cellulose tris-(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) or teicoplanin. At sub ambient temperatures, baseline separation of the enantiomers was observed for five different iron(II) complexes featuring substituted phenanthroline(More)
Simple biomembrane models, namely micellar aggregates formed by enantiopure sodium N-acylprolinates, are able to convert the racemic mixture of bilirubin-IXalpha into an enantiomerically enriched mixture, thus suggesting a possible role of chirality in bilirubin toxicity due to the perturbation of neuron membrane dynamics. The length of alkyl chain does not(More)
[structure: see text] The whole set (five compounds) of partially O-methylated products of p-tert-butyl[]homooxacalixarene, currently named p-tert-butyltetrahomodioxacalix[4]arene, have been prepared. Their structure has been investigated in solution through NMR techniques and in the solid state by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. A systematic(More)
Two related compounds containing p-tert-butyl-o-methylene-linked phenol or phenol-derived subunits are described, namely 5,5'-di-tert-butyl-2,2'-dihydroxy-3,3'-methylenedibenzaldehyde, C(23)H(28)O(4), (I), and 6,6'-di-tert-butyl-8,8'-methylenebis(spiro[4H-1,3-benzodioxin-2,1'-cyclohexane]), C(35)H(48)O(4), (II). Both compounds adopt a 'butterfly' shape,(More)
UNLABELLED Grana Padano is a typical Italian Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) hard cheese largely consumed all over the world. The major problem during its production is represented by late blowing. Clostridia are gasogen bacteria responsible of the swelling during ripening, and they are partially counteracted by the use of egg white lysozyme as(More)
The enantioselective interactions between chiral tetra-amidic receptors and nucleosides have been investigated by the ESI-IT-MS and ESI-FT-ICR-MS methodologies. Configurational effects on the CID fragmentation of diastereomeric [M(H)(2)•H•A](+) aggregates (A = 2'-deoxycytidine dC, citarabine (ara-C) were found to be mostly offset by isotope effect in(More)