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Pollination of pummelo (Citrus grandis L. Osbeck) pistils has been studied in planta by adding compatible and self-incompatible (SI) pollen to the stigma surface. The pollen germination has been monitored inside the pistil by fluorescent microscopy showing SI altered morphologies with irregular depositions of callose in the tube walls, and heavy callose(More)
ICT for a low carbon society is a new research topic, also supported by the current research programs of the European Commission. The main characteristic of this area is the presence of multi-disciplinary problems spanning from the energy and environment fields to macroeconomics and societal life. Energy plays a key role here as the energy market is tightly(More)
Citrus taxonomy is very complex mainly due to specific aspects of its reproductive biology. A number of studies have been performed using various molecular markers in order to evaluate the level of genetic variability in Citrus. SNP markers have been used for genetic diversity assessment using a variety of different methods. Recently, the availability of(More)
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