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The one-instanton contributions to various correlation functions of su-perconformal currents in four-dimensional N = 4 supersymmetric SU(2) Yang–Mills theory are evaluated to the lowest order in perturbation theory. Expressions of the same form are obtained from the leading effects of a single D-instanton extracted from the IIB superstring effective action(More)
We show that the logarithmic behaviour seen in perturbative and non perturba-tive contributions to Green functions of gauge-invariant composite operators in N =4 SYM with SU (N) gauge group can be consistently interpreted in terms of anomalous dimensions of unprotected operators in long multiplets of the superconformal group SU (2, 2|4). In order to(More)
We compute four-point correlation functions of scalar composite operators in the N =4 supercurrent multiplet at order g 4 using the N =1 superfield formalism. We confirm the interpretation of short-distance logarithmic behaviours in terms of anomalous dimensions of unprotected operators exchanged in the intermediate channels and we determine the two-loop(More)
It is argued that whereas supersymmetry requires the instanton contribution to the expectation value of a straight Wilson line in the N = 4 supersymmetric SU (2) Yang–Mills theory to vanish, it is not required to vanish in the case of a circular Wilson loop. A non-vanishing value can arise from a subtle interplay between a divergent integral over bosonic(More)
The role of instantons in describing non-perturbative aspects of globally supersymmetric gauge theories is reviewed. The cases of theories with N =1, N =2 and N =4 supersymmetry are discussed. Special attention is devoted to the intriguing relation between instanton solutions in field theory and branes in string theory. To appear in the book " String theory(More)
Repeated isolation of neonatal rats produces persistent changes in physiology and behavior. In Experiment 1, we examined changes in plasma corticosterone (CORT) levels as a possible mechanism for the effects of isolation. Pups that were isolated from their mother and the nest for 1 h per day on postnatal days (PND) 2-9 were compared to control litters of(More)
Effects of a single dose of naloxone and of D-Met2-Pro5-enkephalinamide on the DNA synthesis in the forebrain, hypothalamus and cerebellum of 11 day old female rats were studied. As an index of DNA synthesis the rate of incorporation of 3H-thymidine into DNA was measured 30 min after a sc. injection of 40 muCi/100 g b.w.. A time dependent effect of naloxone(More)
The present studies demonstrate, for the first time, that the rate of DNA synthesis in rat uterus of 21-32 days of age is inhibited by opioid peptides [D-Met2, Pro5]enkephalinamide. At around the time of vaginal opening (approximately 33 days) the opioids failed to act. High-affinity nuclear [3H]naloxone binding sites with linear Scatchard plots were(More)