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In an attempt to identify B cell specific antigens, we have generated a mouse monoclonal antibody, R2D6, which is directed against plasma membranes of rat pancreatic B cells but against no other pancreatic cells. R2D6 crossreacted with mouse and guinea pig B cells, but not with human or dog. The B cell specificity of R2D6 was utilized in(More)
PRL-secreting epithelial cell lines (PECL) derived from Furth's MtT/W15 transplantable rat pituitary tumor have been studied as monolayer cultures for up to 18 months. Tumor epithelial cells were mechanically dispersed, plated at high density, and selectively enriched by picking and pooling colonies, thereby avoiding single cell-cloning conditions, in order(More)
The question of a generalized hypersensitivity to corticosteroids in primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) was investigated using cultured skin fibroblasts from patients with POAG and age-matched controls. Nuclear binding of (3H)-dexamethasone was performed to evaluate possible changes in the glucocorticoid receptors. Cortisol effects on (3H)-thymidine uptake(More)
Methods for the chemical analysis of toxic plant substances in the rumen of ruminants are of importance for the diagnosis of intoxications with poisonous plants. The present work establishes a method to estimate monoterpene components of the essential oil of thuja (Thuja orientalis, Cupressaceae) in these types of samples. Alpha-thujone, which is regarded(More)
Based on a group of 220 deaths from sequelae of burns in 1966-1985 the author calculated from the area of the burns injury (grade II and III). from the period of survival and age of the patients the values of LA50 (lethal area 50), i. e. values, expressed in per cent of the body surface, when half the patients die. In the age group of 15-50-year-old ones(More)