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Microtubule assembly in diploid human skin fibroblasts was studied by [3H]colchicine binding to disaggregated microtubule subunits and to total cell tubulin. Microtubule content per milligram of cell protein was critically dependent upon cell density. As cultures neared confluence, microtubules increased and total cell tubulin decreased; the percent of(More)
The question of a generalized hypersensitivity to corticosteroids in primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) was investigated using cultured skin fibroblasts from patients with POAG and age-matched controls. Nuclear binding of (3H)-dexamethasone was performed to evaluate possible changes in the glucocorticoid receptors. Cortisol effects on (3H)-thymidine uptake(More)
Treatment of cultured rat pituitary GH3 cells with 50 mM KCl in growth medium released 33% of cell PRL and 18% of cell GH with a half-time of 5 min. Hormone in the culture medium was increased 2- to 4-fold over unstimulated levels. The response required calcium; barium and strontium, but not magnesium, could substitute for calcium. Low temperature(More)
Methods for the chemical analysis of toxic plant substances in the rumen of ruminants are of importance for the diagnosis of intoxications with poisonous plants. The present work establishes a method to estimate monoterpene components of the essential oil of thuja (Thuja orientalis, Cupressaceae) in these types of samples. Alpha-thujone, which is regarded(More)
Previous reports of allogeneic transplantation studies in rodents have postulated that the primary carriers of Ia antigen in islets of Langerhans are passenger leukocytes. We sought to demonstrate directly the localization of the analogous human antigen, HLA-DR, in islet-enriched fractions (IEFs), utilizing a nonpolymorphic monoclonal anti-DR (alpha DR)(More)