Stefano Guerrini

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We reformulate Danos contractibility criterion in terms of a sort of unification. As for term unification, a direct implementation of the unification criterion leads to a quasi-linear algorithm. Linearity is obtained after observing that the disjoint-set unionfind at the core of the unification criterion is a special case of union-find with a real linear(More)
We propose a new formulation for full (weakening and constants included) multiplicative and exponential (MELL) proof nets, allowing a complete set of rewriting rules to parse them. The recognizing grammar deened by such a rewriting system (connuent and strong normalizing on the new proof nets) gives a correctness criterion that we s h o w equivalent to the(More)
This paper proposes a notion of reduction for the proof nets of Linear Logic modulo an equivalence relation on the contraction links, that essentially amounts to consider the contraction as an associative commutative binary operator that can float freely in and out of proof net boxes. The need for such a system comes, on one side, from the desire to make(More)
Sharing graphs are an implementation of linear logic proofnets in such a way that their reduction never duplicate a redex. In their usual formulations, proof-nets present a problem of coherence: if the proof-net N reduces by standard cutelimination to N’, then, by reducing the sharing graph of N we do not obtain the sharing graph of N’. We solve this(More)
-Visualization is a key aspect in geometric modeling. Since the processing required for realistic display is often considerable, the design of parallel visualization algorithms is a trying task. In this paper a new parallel approach to Hidden Surface Removal, called Parallel Depth-Merge (PDM), is proposed. PDM, intrinsically parallel, couples any already(More)
Lambda-calculus is extended in order to represent a rather large class of recursive equation systems, implicitly characterizing function(al)s or mappings of some algebraic domain into arbitrary sets. Algebraic equality will then be represented by λβδ-convertibility (or even reducibility). It is then proved, under very weak assumptions on the structure of(More)