Stefano Grivet-Talocia

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—This paper presents a new technique for the passivity enforcement of linear time-invariant multiport systems in state-space form. This technique is based on a study of the spectral properties of related Hamiltonian matrices. The formulation is applicable in case the system input-output transfer function is in admittance , impedance, hybrid, or scattering(More)
We present a methodology to generate passive parametric macromodels from impedance, admittance or scattering samples. The key features of the proposed approach are two. First, the proposed model is passive by construction over the entire parameter range, and will therefore lead to stable time-domain simulations. Second, the model poles are fully(More)
— This paper presents a wavelet-based algorithm for the detection, identification, and extraction of gravity waves from atmospheric pressure traces. The main data processing tool is a nonlinear adaptive filter based on the selective reconstruction of a waveform from its wavelet coefficients. The time-frequency localization of the wavelet transform provides(More)
—This paper addresses some issues related to the passivity of interconnect macromodels computed from measured or simulated port responses. The generation of such macromodels is usually performed via suitable least squares fitting algorithms. When the number of ports and the dynamic order of the macro-model is large, the inclusion of passivity constraints in(More)
—This paper deals with the characterization and enforcement of passivity for linear lumped interconnect macro-models. An adaptive accuracy-controlled frequency sampling process is employed to identify a set of frequency bands where the macromodel is locally passive. These results are employed as a preliminary step, enabling the fast computation of imaginary(More)
This paper presents a systematic methodology for the system-level assessment of signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility effects in high-speed communication and information systems. The proposed modeling strategy is illustrated via a case study consisting of a critical coupled net of a complex system. Three main methodologies are employed for the(More)
The high dense interconnect (HDI) organic chip packaging technology has made rapid development advancements in the last few years. Due to the dense wiring structures in the build up layers and newly also in the laminated core, high signal I/O applications and dense chip area array footprints can be supported. These technology improvements allow specific(More)
—The passivity characterization and enforcement of linear interconnect macromodels has received much attention in the recent literature. It is now widely recognized that the Hamiltonian eigensolution is a very reliable technique for such characterization. However, most available algorithms for the determination of the required Hamiltonian eigenvalues still(More)