Stefano Giorgetti

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We introduce a methodology to efficiently exploit natural-language expressed biomedical knowledge for repurposing existing drugs towards diseases for which they were not initially intended. Leveraging on developments in Computational Linguistics and Graph Theory, a methodology is defined to build a graph representation of knowledge, which is automatically(More)
Speech reporting benefits by units which can recognize sentences in any natural language in real time. The use of this method in the everyday practice of radiology departments shows its possible application fields. We used the speech recognition method to report orthopantomographic exams in order to evaluate the advantages the method offers to the(More)
We consider the propagation of massive-particle de Broglie waves in a static, isotropic metric in general relativity. We demonstrate the existence of an index of refraction that governs the waves and that has all the properties of a classical index of refraction. We confirm our interpretation with a WKB solution of the general-relativistic Klein-Gordon(More)
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