Stefano Galvan

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This article reports on experiments about haptic perception aimed at measuring the force/torque differential thresholds applied to the hand-arm system. The experimental work analyzes how force is sent back to the user by means of a 6 degrees-of-freedom haptic device. Our findings on force perception indicate that the just-noticeable-difference is generally(More)
Haptic feedback devices were pioneered in teleoperation systems as far back as the 1940's. In teleoperation applications of haptics, a loop is closed between the human operator's motion " inputs " and forces applied by the haptic device via a communication link, robot manipulator, and the environment. Key issues for the advancement of teleoperation(More)
— In this paper a force scaling function for an haptic system is the output of the psychophysics experiments that have been carried out with the aim of better understanding the human perception capabilities. The experimental work consists in measuring the differential thresholds of force perception applied to the hand-arm system. These findings support our(More)
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