Stefano Galelli

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An emerging trend in feature selection is the development of two-objective algorithms that analyze the tradeoff between the number of features and the classification performance of the model built with these features. Since these two objectives are conflicting, a typical result stands in a set of Pareto-efficient subsets, each having a different cardinality(More)
Input variable selection is an essential step in the development of statistical models and is particularly relevant in environmental modelling, where potential model inputs often consist of time lagged values of each different potential input variable. While new methods for identifying important model inputs continue to emerge, each has its own advantages(More)
Many large-scale water systems are formed by the interconnection of several subsystems , whose different spatial and temporal characteristics make them strongly heterogeneous. The optimal management of such systems generally deals not only with issues related to large dimensionalities and strong non-linearities, but also with the presence of several(More)
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