Stefano Ferraro

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Müller cells are not only the main glial cell type in the retina but also latent progenitor/stem cells, which in pathological conditions can transdifferentiate to a neuronal phenotype and regenerate the neurons lost in a mature retina. Several signal transduction pathways can induce the dedifferentiation of mature Müller cells to a progenitor-like state,(More)
Retinogenesis is a developmental process that involves the sequential formation of neurons and glia from retinal progenitors. Once retinogenesis is completed, Müller glial cells can be stimulated to differentiate into neuronal lineages and constitute a retina-intrinsic source of neural progenitors. The identification of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors(More)
Hair is a non-invasive biological material useful in the biomonitoring of trace elements because it is a vehicle for substance excretion from the body, and it permits evaluating long-term metal exposure. Here, hair from an animal model of neurodegeneration, induced by early life permethrin treatment from the sixth to 21th day of life, has been analyzed with(More)
The composition of sedimentary pigments in the Antarctic lake at Edmonson Point has been investigated and compared with the aim to provide a useful analytical method for pigments separation and identification, providing reference data for future assessment of possible changes in environmental conditions. Reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography(More)
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