Stefano Federici

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Block languages are visual programming languages based on the metaphor of programming bricks. Block languages such as Scratch, StarLogo and Alice, are becoming fundamental tools to get children interested in computer programming. These environments and environments derived from them, such as BYOB, have all the features needed to be strong candidates for(More)
The System Usability Scale (SUS), developed by Brooke (Usability evaluation in industry, Taylor & Francis, London, pp 189–194, 1996), had a great success among usability practitioners since it is a quick and easy to use measure for collecting users’ usability evaluation of a system. Recently, Lewis and Sauro (Proceedings of the human computer interaction(More)
BACKGROUND Eye trackers are widely used among people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and their benefits to quality of life have been previously shown. On the contrary, Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are still quite a novel technology, which also serves as an access technology for people with severe motor impairment. OBJECTIVE To compare a visual(More)
The paper describes an analogy-based measure of word-sense proximity grounded on distributional evidence in typical contexts, and illustrates a computational system which makes use of this measure for purposes of lexical disambiguation. Experimental results show that wordsense analogy based on contexts of use compares favourably with classical word-sense(More)
INTRODUCTION The World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule II (WHODAS II) is an instrument developed by the World Health Organisation in order to assess behavioural limitations and restrictions to participation experienced by an individual, independently from a medical diagnosis. The conceptual frame of reference of this instrument is the(More)
PURPOSE This study aims at evaluating the effectiveness of sonification as a mean to provide access to geo-referenced information to users with visual impairments. METHOD Thiry-five participants (10 congenitally blind, 10 with acquired blindness and 15 blindfolded sighted) completed four tasks of progressive difficulty. During each task, participants(More)
This paper illustrates a technique of shallow parsing named “text chunking” whereby “parse incompleteness” is reinterpreted as “parse underspecification”. A text is chunked into structured units which can be identified with certainty on the basis of available knowledge. The chunking process stops at that level of granularity beyond which the analysis gets(More)
Through a series of focus group discussions conducted in northern and central Vietnam, this study gives voice to the lived economic experience of families with disabilities and how they manage the economic challenges associated with disability. The dynamic of low and unstable income combined with on-going health care and other disability-related costs gives(More)