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We have characterized the time course of muscle pathology development during the postnatal maturation of quadriceps and tibialis anterior muscle in dystrophic golden retriever dogs. We determined the percentages of degenerating, regenerating, calcium-positive, hypercontracted, albumin-positive, and C3 complement fraction-positive muscle fibers and the(More)
INTRODUCTION The authors propose a simple method for assessment of canine kidney size derived from the radiological technique described by Finco et al in 1971. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 26 healthy dogs ultrasonography was used to measure the length, height, and thickness of each kidney. These measurements were correlated with the lengths of the fifth and(More)
PURPOSE The ductus venosus (DV) blood flow has been studied in fetal lambs and in humans. This study aims to describe the velocities, the Doppler indices and the morphological patterns of the venous blood flow in the DV of canine fetuses during physiological pregnancy. METHODS The DV of 55 canine fetuses has been evaluated and the waveforms described(More)
AIM To define the prognostic value of Doppler ultrasonographic morphology of ductus venosus (DV) waveform on canine neonatal mortality. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-four healthy pregnant bitches underwent fetal ultrasonographic assessment. The DV waveforms were classified as diphasic (dDVw) or triphasic (tDVw) and compared with neonatal mortality. (More)
This study aims to assess the repeatability and reproducibility of strain elastography in the evaluation of splenic nodules and to verify if it can differentiate benign from malignant splenic lesions in dogs. Twenty-four dogs with a single splenic hypoechoic lesion, underwent strain elastosonography. The strain ratio (SR) and hardness value (HV) were(More)
This report shows for the first time clinical imaging (ultrasound and computed tomography), histological and immunohistochemical findings of an ovarian leiomyoma, coincidentally diagnosed in an asymptomatic unmated nulliparous ten year-old German shepherd bitch concurrently suffering from multiple mammary tumors. A thorough examination allowed the(More)
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