Stefano Deledda

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Magnesium borohydride (Mg(BH4)2) is one of the most promising hydrogen storage materials. Its kinetics of hydrogen desorption, reversibility, and complex reaction pathways during decomposition and rehydrogenation, however, present a challenge, which has been often addressed by using transition metal compounds as additives. In this work the decomposition of(More)
Crystal structure determination is essential for characterizing materials and their properties, and can be facilitated by various tools and indicators. For instance, the Goldschmidt tolerance factor (T) for perovskite compounds is acknowledged for evaluating crystal structures in terms of the ionic packing. However, its applicability is limited to(More)
Ball milling techniques have been used extensively in the last 30 years for the synthesis and processing of novel materials. The continuous fracturing and cold welding processes during milling allows to mechanically mix elements/compounds at an atomic scale, extend the solid solubility of metals and, in turn, obtain new alloys that might show interesting(More)
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