Stefano Degregori

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INTRODUCTION Ten years after the introduction of stapled haemorrhoidopexy few studies have stratified patients by degree of haemorrhoidal disease when analysing results. Objective The aim of this study was prospectively to evaluate 116 patients who underwent stapled anopexy conducted by the same surgeon for III or IV degree haemorrhoidal prolapse. (More)
Colitis cystica profunda is a rare intestinal lesion. Because of its clinical expression (rectorrhagia, mucorrhea and abdominal pain) and the way it appears to current imaging techniques this disease presents features which can be associated with colon neoplasm. Its diagnosis has to be confirmed histologically, and its etiology remains unclear. The(More)
Prolonged venous access devices (PVADs) have become indispensable in antiblastic protocols for the treatment of cancer patients, in anti-infection protocols for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) patients and in the management of chronic malabsorption syndromes. Using these catheters carries the risk of several complications, and some are potentially(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate laparoscopic-assisted colorectal resection for malignancies in terms of effectiveness, safety and medium-term survival, comparing our results with those reported in literature. From November 2000 to March 2004, 78 patients with colorectal malignancies underwent laparoscopic-assisted resection. All anastomoses were(More)
The stapler treatment first described by Longo is considered by some authors to be a good technical solution for mucohaemorrhoidectomy. The aim of the present prospective study was to assess the function and morphology of the internal and external anal sphincters preoperatively and one month after surgery by means of a clinical examination, anorectal(More)
The use of totally implantable prolonged venous access devices (TIPVAD) in chemotherapy for oncological patients is now consolidated practice, whereas the choice between surgical cutdown and the percutaneous technique is still a controversial matter. The aim of this study was to retrospectively evaluate the validity and safety of the surgical approach by(More)
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