Stefano De Francisci

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This paper describes the technological architecture under implementation in a project called SIT-IN. Aim of the project is the integration of a number of legacy territorial systems in a new spatio-temporal system, for providing a territorial reference framework to statistics users and producers. The architecture is based on a flexible and scalable central(More)
The SIT-IN (acronym for Integrated Territorial Information System, in Italian) system integrates a historical database, providing information about the temporal evolution of territorial administrative partitions; the Institute's GIS, providing the cartography of the Italian territory down to the census tract level of detail; a statistical data warehouse,(More)
The paper describes the first project that Istat, the Italian National Institute of Statistics, has set up for publishing data in LOD on its own SPARQL endpoint. Both the publication process and the underlying technical architecture are described with a focus on design choices (e.g. the adoption of RDF Data Cube Vocabulary for multidimensional data(More)
The Italian National Statistics Institute is currently integrating its various spatio-temporal data collections. It has been developed an integrated system, whose implementation relied on Web and relational technologies to cope with data heterogeneity. The system provides users with many different classes of functions with which to analyse and visualise(More)
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