Stefano De Cantis

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As has been shown for other ecosystems, the ecological and socio-economic impacts of climate change on Mediterranean intertidal habitats are highly variable in space and time. We conducted field and laboratory measurements of cellular, ecophysiological and behavioural responses of selected intertidal invertebrates (mussels, gastropods and sponges) and(More)
Despite its strategic importance, accurately measuring visitor attendance has been a challenging and problematic exercise for tourism managers for decades. Consequently, the primary aim of tourism statistics of accurately quantify tourism flows has been only partially achieved; indeed at a lower territorial scale tourism statistics appear less precise and(More)
Many pleasure trips are often characterized by the visit of more than a single destination. Despite the topic is well documented in literature, the empirical studies are limited to a few pioneering studies. This lack may be attributable to the failure of tourism organizations to collect data on multi-destination trip behaviors, as it results, for example,(More)
Having more reliable statistics is essential for policy-makers to be able to make effective decisions. Nevertheless, measuring the number of tourists in a given destination is not an easy task. After reviewing the main problems affecting official statistics on tourism, this paper proposes a general framework by formalizing a theoretical model in which(More)
Seasonal fluctuations characterize many natural and social phenomena. Although the causes and impacts of seasonality are generally well documented in different study contexts, andmanymethods for isolating the seasonal component have been developed, considerably less attention has been paid to the measurement of the degree of seasonality. After reviewing the(More)
Tourism statistics are generally based on data collected only at one point of the travel, which, depending on the perspective of interest, can be the originating region or the destination one. Indeed, many tourism trips imply the visit to more than a single destination, since tourists move to visit several attraction to several destination or within the(More)
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