Stefano Dalpez

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—Wireless distance measurement techniques based on portable embedded platforms are expected to play a key role in several industrial and domestic applications. In this paper the ranging accuracy of a commercial Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) kit is evaluated experimentally in a real-world context. The proposed analysis provides more precise and exhaustive(More)
Safety of machine operation is an increasingly important matter in industrial applications. In this context, embedded systems have successfully been employed to build active barriers that react in real time to prevent injuries and accidents. In this paper, we present a novel safety barrier , based on the capacitive coupling effect, to detect the proximity(More)
—This paper deals with the design of a safety-critical embedded system for railroad vehicles usually referred to as " dead-man's vigilance device " (DMVD). A DMVD monitors the activity of the operator driving a train to detect his/her possible incapacitation while the vehicle is traveling. The system relies on a redundant and diverse FPGA-based architecture(More)
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