Stefano D'Angelo

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Wave digital filters (WDFs) allow for efficient real-time simulation of classic analog circuitry by DSP. This paper introduces two new nonenergic two-port WDF adaptors that allow mixing wave digital subnetworks adopting different polarity and sign conventions and extends the definitions of absorbed instantaneous and steady-state pseudopower to the case in(More)
One of the most critical aspects of virtual analog simulation of circuits for music production consists in accurate reproduction of their nonlinear behavior, yet this goal is in many cases difficult to achieve due to the presence of implicit differential equations in circuit models, since they naturally map to delay-free loops in the digital domain. This(More)
The Moog ladder filter, which consists of four cascaded first-order ladder stages in a feedback loop, falls within the class of devices that have attracted greatest interest in virtual analog research. On one hand, this work confirms that the presence of exactly four stages in the original analog circuit is motivated by specific filter control issues and,(More)
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