Stefano Crocchianti

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Hyperspherical coordinates are well suited for treating rearrangement processes in the strong interaction region, and several different hyperspherical coordinates have been used successfully for quantum reactive scattering by various research groups. However, it is well known that asymptotically the appropriate set of coordinates ͑for a three particle(More)
The self-aggregation tendency of [N(CH(3))(2)(C(18)H(37))(2)]X [1X; X(-)=BF(4) (-), PF(6) (-), OTf(-), NTf(2) (-), BPh(4) (-), BTol(4) (-), BAr(F-), and B(C(6)F(5))(4) (-)] salts to form ion quadruples (IQs) and higher aggregates (HAggs) in [D(6)]benzene is investigated by means of diffusion NMR spectroscopy. The experimental results indicate that salts(More)