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Comparison Between Wind Power Prediction Models Based on Wavelet Decomposition with Least-Squares Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
A high penetration of wind energy into the electricity market requires a parallel development of efficient wind power forecasting models. Different hybrid forecasting methods were applied to windExpand
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Image processing for the characterization of flame stability in a non-premixed liquid fuel burner near lean blowout
Abstract In the present work, an experimental investigation was performed by varying the fuel/air ratio of a liquid-fuel gas turbine derived burner in the non-premixed mode, until an ultra-leanExpand
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Improvement of lean flame stability of inverse methane/air diffusion flame by using coaxial dielectric plasma discharge actuators
Abstract Low environmental impact is a main issue in the design of novel combustion systems, as aircraft engines. In this context, the present work investigates the possibility to increase theExpand
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Assessment of the Combustion Behavior of a Pilot-Scale Gas Turbine Burner Using Image Processing
Experimental investigations were performed on a non-premixed liquid fuel-lean burner. The present work aims to the development of a methodology for the recognition of flame instability regimes inExpand
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Investigating Flow Dynamics with Wireless Pressure Sensors Network
Wireless sensors networks enable the chance to investigate with enhanced freedom physical phenomena, aiming to increase the informative content obtained by sensors measurements. In this work we willExpand
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Advanced Imaging Processing for Extracting Dynamic Features of Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber
Abstract Many industrial and transportation applications use combustion in dedicated chambers. Combustion implies, depending upon the nature and the amount of precursors, production of carbonExpand
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Ultra Lean Combustion Characterization in a Pilot-Scale Gas Turbine Burner Using Image Processing Techniques
The aim of the present investigation is the characterization of the behavior of a lean partially-premixed liquid fuel gas turbine near lean blowout limit.At this combustion regime the onset ofExpand
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Plasma Assisted Flame Stabilizationin a Non-Premixed Lean Burner
Abstract In recent years, the application of plasma actuators in different engineering fields was considered particularly interesting. It was successfully applied for the cold flow control in aeroExpand
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Lean Blowout Sensing and Plasma Actuation of Non-Premixed Flames
The aim of this paper is the use of optical sensors to recognize lean blowout in a non-premixed methane/air burner, Bunsen-type, and the use of plasma actuators for flame control and stabilization.Expand
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Flame Structure and Chemiluminescence Emissions of Inverse Diffusion Flames under Sinusoidally Driven Plasma Discharges
Reduction of nitric oxides (NOx) in aircraft engines and in gas turbines by lean combustion is of great interest in the design of novel combustion systems. However, the stabilization of the flameExpand
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