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OBJECTIVE To examine the patterns of health care utilization by the elderly and test the influence of functional decline. DATA SOURCE AND STUDY DESIGN We used the three regular waves of the SHARE survey to estimate the influence of frailty on health care utilization in 10 European countries. We controlled for the main correlates of frailty and unobserved(More)
This contribution focuses on picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) in the Italian National Healthcare System (NHS). It finally aims to test the Chiefs Radiology Department's perceptions about PACS along the main evaluation dimensions emerging from the literature. First, a brief review of the main literature concerning PACS evaluation leads the(More)
Understanding the interplay between informal care and formal healthcare is important because it sheds light on the financial implications of such interactions and may result in different policies. On the basis of a major database on 532 Italian stroke patients enrolled in the period 2007-2008, we investigate whether the presence of a potential caregiver and(More)
Assessing public sector ICT investments represents the premise for successful implementation of an e-health strategy. The recent literature stresses the importance of going beyond the mere financial and/or technical dimensions of the analysis. Consequently, the paper proposes an example of e-health project evaluation aiming to develop measures which get(More)
Over the last 20 years, hospitals have revised their organizational structures in response to new environmental pressures. Today, demographic and epidemiologic trends and recent technological advances call for new strategies to cope with ultra-elderly frail patients characterized by chronic conditions, high-severity health problems, and complex social(More)
BACKGROUND Goal ambiguity influences the effectiveness of performance management systems to drive organizations toward enhanced results. The literature analyzes the antecedents of goal ambiguity and shows the influence of goal ambiguity on the performance of U.S. federal agencies. However, no study has analyzed goal ambiguity in other countries or in health(More)
BACKGROUND Health care organizations are pressured to improve the cost-effectiveness of service delivery. Clinical governance is an important trigger to improve care quality and safety and rank high in the reform agenda of health systems. The senior management team culture plays a major role in establishing clinical governance practices, because it strongly(More)
Same-day surgery is common for foot surgery. Continuous regional anesthesia for outpatients has been shown effective but the economic impact on the perioperative process-related healthcare costs remains unclear. One hundred twenty consecutive patients were included in this assessor-blinded, prospective cohort study and allocated according to inclusion(More)
Information technology (IT) is an important enabler of organization models (OM) and of innovative strategies, as it fosters information integration and streamlines information flows. Two case studies offer evidence about the strategic use of IT innovation (i.e., digital signature) to foster successful OM and partnerships in health-care, while results from a(More)