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(3) ENEA} Viale Ercolani 8} 40138 Bologna} Italy •. 1. Introduction. Liquid crystals (LC) form a state of matter intermediate between solids and liquids [1] as indicated by their contradictory name. The main characteristic of liquid crystals at molecular level is that they possess orientational order, together with a traslational mobility similar to that of(More)
This paper describes MOMOSE, a highly flexible and easily extensible environment for the simulation of mobility models. MOMOSE not only allows a programmer to easily integrate a new mobility model into the set of models already included in its distribution, but it also allows the user to let the nodes of the MANET move in different ways by associating any(More)
This paper proposes a connection between one of the main research paths in the area of social networks, that is, the computation of role assignments, and one of the main research paths in mobile wireless ad hoc networks, that is, the simulation of node mobility. Motivated by the assumptions that different nodes may move according to different mobility(More)
Lebwohl-Lasher systems have been extensively studied in the past as very simple models for liquid crystals. Although the model is very simple, it reproduces very well the orientational ordering of real nematic liquid crystals and many of the characteristics of the isotropic-nematic phase transition, including its weak first order character and(More)
The goal of this work was to improve the image quality of small animal PET images by introducing in the reconstruction process the true system point spread function (PSF) and an anatomical image prior. Simulations were performed using a mouse heart phantom (myocardium and ventricles) and a comparison between standard EM reconstruction and EM with PSF(More)
Small animal positron emission tomography (PET) image quantitation is severely affected by partial volume effect (PVE) caused by the spatial resolution of PET tomo-graphs. The aim of this work was to reduce the PVE using a modified iterative expectation maximization (EM) reconstruction algorithm. The goal of the method was to increase the accuracy of tracer(More)
How people diagnosed with schizophrenia cope with positive symptoms after their first hospitalization is explored, along with the relationship of their coping strategies to their psychosocial functioning. The strategies most frequently endorsed were cognitive in type, while those considered most helpful were behavioral. Respondents identifying an active(More)
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