Stefano Borsa

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The aim of this paper is to evaluate two agroindustrial productive processes in their entirety (one organic and one semi-industrial), focusing on the comparison of impacts derived from the inputs and outputs of the system (life cycle assessment, LCA), integrated with a physical evaluation of the resources and natural services, on a common basis (emergy).(More)
BACKGROUND Osteopetroses are a heterogeneous group of heritable disorders characterized by increased bone density as the result of defective osteoclast-mediated bone resorption. The autosomal-dominant osteopetrosis type I (ADO-I) is defined by the presence of osteosclerosis involving mainly the skull bones, variably associated with compression of the(More)
To evaluate if timing of chemotherapy with Temozolomide (TMZ) was able to modify the outcome of glioblastoma (GBM), we analyzed two comparable series of supratentorial GBM patients, treated with surgery and radiotherapy, in which the administration of TMZ has been performed in the first group at first relapse and in the second group in newly diagnosed(More)
OBJECT In an attempt to identify cortical areas involved in singing in addition to language areas, the authors used a singing task during direct cortical mapping in 5 patients who were amateur singers and had undergone surgery for brain tumors. The organization of the cortical areas involved in language and singing was analyzed in relation with these(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective large population based-study. OBJECTIVE Assessment of the epidemiologic trends and economic burden of first spinal fusions. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA No adequate data are available regarding the epidemiology of spinal fusion surgery and its economic impact in Europe. METHODS The study population was identified through a(More)
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