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The Hydrothermal System of Solfatara Crater (Campi Flegrei, Italy) Inferred From Machine Learning Algorithms
Two machine learning algorithms were applied to three multivariate datasets acquired at Solfatara volcano. Our aim was to find an unbiased and coherent synthesis among the large amount of dataExpand
Potential shallow aquifers characterization through an integrated geophysical method: multivariate approach by means of k-means algorithms
The need to obtain a detailed hydrogeological characterization of the subsurface and its interpretation for the groundwater resources management, often requires to apply several and complementaryExpand
Solfatara volcano subsurface imaging: two different approaches to process and interpret multi-variate data sets
(1) University of Cagliari, Chemical and geological Sciences, Italy(stefano.bernardinetti@gmail.com), (2) Center for GeoTechnologies, University of Siena, Italy, (3) The Petroleum Institute, P.O. BoxExpand
A pilot study to test the reliability of the ERT method in the identification of mixed sulphides bearing dykes: The example of Sidi Flah mine (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Abstract A multidisciplinary study, comprising geological, petrographical and geophysical methods, was carried out for the identification and the geometrical and volumetric assess of the mainExpand
Tectonic Setting of the Kenya Rift in the Nakuru Area, Based on Geophysical Prospecting
In this paper, we present results of tectonic and geophysical investigations in the Kenya Rift valley, in the Nakuru area. We compiled a detailed geological map of the area based on published earlierExpand