Stefano Basta

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While searching for alternative reading-frame peptides encoded by influenza A virus that are recognized by CD8+ T cells, we found an abundant immunogenic peptide encoded by the +1 reading frame of PB1. This peptide derives from a novel conserved 87-residue protein, PB1-F2, which has several unusual features compared with other influenza gene products in(More)
A distance-based outlier detection method that finds the top outliers in an unlabeled data set and provides a subset of it, called outlier detection solving set, that can be used to predict the outlierness of new unseen objects, is proposed. The solving set includes a sufficient number of points that permits the detection of the top outliers by considering(More)
We introduce a distributed method for detecting distance-based outliers in very large data sets. Our approach is based on the concept of outlier detection solving set [2], which is a small subset of the data set that can be also employed for predicting novel outliers. The method exploits parallel computation in order to obtain vast time savings. Indeed,(More)
A major component of innate immune responses relies on monocytes and macrophages, virus infection of which will pose a particular problem for immunological defense. Consequently, the monocytic cell differentiation pathway was analyzed in terms of cellular modulations therein and their relation to monocytotropic virus infection. Differentiation was(More)
Porcine Alv-Mphi from bronchoalveolar lavages were tested for their function in an in vitro foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV)-specific lymphoproliferative recall response. The Alv-Mphi were seen to be poor accessory cells when compared with peripheral blood monocytes. This poor capacity was evident despite an efficient expression of SLA-DR region(More)
The kinetics of monocyte-macrophage differentiation was analysed using two Swine Workshop Cluster (SWC) CD molecules: SWC1 and SWC9. Myeloid cells were selected by labelling for the common myeloid antigen, SWC3. Confirmation of macrophage identification used acid phosphatase and phagocytosis activities. During differentiation, SWC1 was gradually lost. SWC9(More)
The availability of cost-effective data collections and storage hardware has allowed organizations to accumulate very large data sets, which are a potential source of previously unknown valuable information. The process of discovering interesting patterns in such large data sets is referred to as data mining. Outlier detection is a data mining task(More)