Stefano Baldan

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This paper addresses the problem of the real-time automatic transcription of a live music performance into a symbolic format. The source data are given by any music instrument or other device able to communicate through a performance protocol. During a performance, music events are parsed and their parameters are evaluated thanks to rhythm and pitch(More)
This paper presents an audio-based tennis simulation game for mobile devices, which uses motion input and non-verbal audio feedback as exclusive means of interaction. Players have to listen carefully to the provided auditory clues, like racquet hits and ball bounces, rhythmically synchronizing their movements in order to keep the ball into play. The device(More)
This paper presents a game for mobile devices which simulates a tennis match between two players. It is an audio-based game, so the majority of information and feedback to the user is given through sound instead of being displayed on a screen. As users are not requested to keep their eyes on the display, the device can be used as a motion-based controller,(More)
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