Stefano Alberti

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Metal-coated polymers shaped by 3D stereolithography are introduced as a new manufacturing method for passive components for millimeter to terahertz electromagnetic waves. This concept offers increased design capabilities and flexibilities while shortening the manufacturing process of complex shapes, e.g., corrugated horns, mirrors, etc. Tests at 92.5, 140,(More)
We report the experimental results of the infrared measurements of output RF beam of the European 2-MW 170-GHz coaxial cavity gyrotron for ITER. The output beam profile is measured by the infrared thermographic technique using an infrared camera and a target material which is being irradiated by the RF output. The beam intensity was measured at several(More)
Confinement in TCV electron cyclotron heated discharges was studied as a function of plasma shape, i.e. as a function of elongation, 1.1 < κ < 2.15, and triangularity, −0.65 ≤ δ ≤ 0.55. The electron energy confinement time was found to increase with elongation, owing in part to the increase of plasma current with elongation. The beneficial effect of(More)
We report on the design and characterization of a single-chip electron spin resonance detector, operating at a frequency of about 20 GHz and in a temperature range extending at least from 300 K down to 4 K. The detector consists of an LC oscillator formed by a 200 μm diameter single turn aluminum planar coil, a metal-oxide-metal capacitor, and two(More)
We demonstrate the construction of corrugated waveguides using stacked rings to propagate terahertz frequencies. The waveguide allows propagation of the same fundamental mode as an optical-fiber, namely, the HE(11) mode. This simple concept opens the way for corrugated wave-guides up to several terahertz, maintaining beam characteristics as for terahertz(More)
The unique flexibility of TCV in plasma shaping has been exploited to address different aspects of tokamak physics, for which the plasma shape may play a role. This paper summarizes the experiments undertaken in the TCV tokamak ("Tokamak à Configuration Variable") over the last decade essentially in stability and transport. This paper enables a(More)