Stefanka Chukova

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Motivated by an application to school funding, we introduce the notion of a robust decomposable Markov decision process (MDP). A robust decomposable MDP model applies to situations where several MDPs, with the transition probabilities in each only known through an uncertainty set, are coupled together by joint resource constraints. Robust decomposible MDPs(More)
Quadratic programming is concerned with minimizing a convex quadratic function subject to linear inequality constraints. The variables are assumed to be nonnegative. The unique solution of quadratic programming (QP) problem (QPP) exists provided that a feasible region is non-empty (the QP has a feasible space). A method for searching for the solution to a(More)
The interaction between linear, quadratic programming and regression analysis are explored by both statistical and operations research methods. Estimation and optimization problems are formulated in two different ways: on one hand linear and quadratic programming problems are formulated and solved by statistical methods, and on the other hand the solution(More)