Stefanka Chukova

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An age-dependent repair model is proposed. The notion of the " age " of the product and the degree of repair are used to define the virtual age of the product. The virtual failure rate function and the virtual hazard function related to the lifetime of the product are discussed. Under a non-homogeneous Poisson process scenario the expected warranty costs(More)
Motivated by an application to school funding, we introduce the notion of a robust decomposable Markov decision process (MDP). A robust decomposable MDP model applies to situations where several MDPs, with the transition probabilities in each only known through an uncertainty set, are coupled together by joint resource constraints. Robust decomposible MDPs(More)
The cost of servicing a warranty depends, amongst other factors, on the type of repair performed under warranty. Although ''all minimal repair'' and ''all replacement'' policies are easy to implement and analyze, they are not always feasible and/or practical. Having a combination of different types of repair often leads to lower warranty servicing costs. In(More)