Stefanie Zollmann

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<b>W</b>orking high above the floor of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican of Rome, between 1509 and 1512 Michelangelo Buonarroti painted some of the finest pictorial images of all time. On the ceiling of the papal chapel, he created a masterpiece fresco that includes nine scenes from the book of Genesis. Among them is the famous <i>Creation of Adam</i>(More)
We present a novel system allowing in situ content creation for mobile Augmented Reality in unprepared environments. This system targets smartphones and therefore allows a spontaneous authoring while in place. We describe two different scenarios, which are depending on the size of the working environment and consequently use different tracking techniques. A(More)
In augmented reality displays, X-Ray visualization techniques make hidden objects visible through combining the physical view with an artificial rendering of the hidden information. An important step in X-Ray visualization is to decide which parts of the physical scene should be kept and which should be replaced by overlays. The combination should provide(More)
Many civil engineering tasks require to access geospatial data in the field and reference the stored information to the real-world situation. Augmented reality (AR), which interactively overlays 3D graphical content directly over a view of the world, can be a useful tool to visualize but also create, edit and update geospatial data representing real-world(More)
We describe the design and implementation of a physical and virtual model of an imaginary urban scene — the “City of Sights” — that can serve as a backdrop or “stage” for a variety of Augmented Reality (AR) research. We argue that the AR research community would benefit from such a standard model dataset which can be used for evaluation of such AR topics as(More)
Augmented Reality allows for an on-site presentation of information that is registered to the physical environment. Applications from civil engineering, which require users to process complex information, are among those which can benefit particularly highly from such a presentation. In this paper, we will describe how to use Augmented Reality (AR) to(More)
Virtual studio technology plays an important role for modern television productions. Blue-screen matting is a common technique for integrating real actors or moderators into computer generated sceneries. Augmented reality offers the possibility to mix real and virtual in a more general context. This article proposes a new technological approach for(More)
In this paper we present a hybrid technique for correcting distortions that appear when projecting images onto geometrically complex, colored and textured surfaces. It analyzes the optical flow that results from perspective distortions during motions of the observer and tries to use this information for computing the correct image warping. If this fails due(More)