Stefanie Weck

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AIMS Aircraft noise disturbs sleep, and long-term exposure has been shown to be associated with increases in the prevalence of hypertension and an overall increased risk for myocardial infarction. The exact mechanisms responsible for these cardiovascular effects remain unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS We performed a blinded field study in 75 healthy(More)
A rapid, sensitive, and high-capacity assay has been developed to quantify ligand-induced receptor tyrosine kinase activation in terms of receptor phosphorylation. The assay, termed a "kinase receptor activation" or KIRA-ELISA, utilizes two separate microtiter plates, one for cell culture and ligand stimulation, and the other for receptor capture and(More)
Mechanism-based inhibition of influenza neuraminidases by difluorosialic acids (DFSA) is not only rendered highly specific by incorporation of 4-amino or 4-guanidine substituents but also the half-life for reactivation is greatly increased. Measurement of rate constants for spontaneous hydrolysis of a series of such substituted DFSAs reveals, surprisingly,(More)
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