Stefanie Strobach

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The total mercury (Hg) and selenium (Se) concentrations were determined in kidney cortex samples of 195 deceased, non-occupationally burdened individuals. Mercury was determined by means of Cold-vapour Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (CV-AAS) and selenium by Graphite-Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GF-AAS). The molar Se/Hg ratio is high (up to (a)(More)
Anti-idiotypic antibody (Ab2) 3H6 is directed against the human monoclonal antibody 2F5, which is one of a few neutralising antibodies against HIV-1. Since the binding epitope of 2F5 is cryptic and no neutralising immune response could be elicited by several potential vaccines comprising this region, Ab2/3H6 represents a potent vaccine candidate for active(More)
Recombinant human erythropoietin (rh-Epo) is well accepted as a hematopoietic drug, but many other pleiotropic properties are currently under investigation. Rh-Epo-induced receptor-mediated signal transductions are accompanied with membrane dynamic processes, which facilitate the activation of individual pathways. However, its direct effect on membrane(More)
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