Stefanie Schachtl

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Parsing can be improved in automatic speech understanding if prosodic boundary marking is taken into account, because syntactic boundaries are often marked by prosodic means. Because large databases are needed for the training of statistical models for prosodic boundaries, we developed a labeling scheme for syntactic{prosodic boundaries within the German(More)
This paper presents Trace & Unification Grammar (TUG), a declarative and reversible grammar formalism that brings together Unification Grammar (UG) and ideas of Government & Binding Theory (on)~ The main part of the paper consists in a description of many free word order phenomena of German syntax. It will be shown that the use of traces allows for an(More)
Telematics and entertainment systems in cars usually contain audio, phone and navigation functions that rely mostly on static content. The Human Machine Interface (HMI), including the speech dialog system, reflects these static applications by their very restricted dialogs. In the future the driver would like to access current information from the internet(More)
In automatic speech understanding, the division of continuously running speech into syntactic chunks is a great problem. Syntactic boundaries are often marked by prosodic means. We use syntactic boundaries for disambiguation during parsing. For the training of statistic models for prosodic boundaries large databases are necessary. For the German Verbmobil(More)
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