Stefanie Schönberger

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We report the magnetic resonance (MR) findings in the liver of a patient with known Osler-Weber-Rendu disease, a rare disorder characterized by arteriovenous malformations involving multiple organ systems. To the best of our knowledge, the MR findings in liver involvement have not been previously reported.
Sonographic breast imaging has been useful in the differentiation of cystic from solid masses. It has also been helpful in the characterization of palpable breast masses in the absence of corresponding abnormalities. The authors undertook a prospective study that incorporated pulsed Doppler analysis into sonographic real-time imaging of solid breast masses.(More)
A new coaxial needle, containing a retractable anchoring wire with a helical tip, has been developed for purposes of mammographic and sonographic localization of non-palpable suspicious breast abnormalities before surgical excision. The helically shaped tip provides the needle with a number of potential advantages over other currently available localization(More)
The new phosphorus sulfide P(2)S(7), stabilized as the bis(pyridinium) adduct, was obtained from the reaction of P(4)S(10) and sulfur in pyridine, and could be isolated in the form of colourless block-shaped crystals which were characterized using single crystal X-ray diffraction. Coordination of pyridine is weak (d(P-N) = 187 pm) which is supported also by(More)
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