Stefanie Neumann

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During the development of the haustorium, searching hyphae of the parasite and the host parenchyma cells are connected by plasmodesmata. Using transgenic tobacco plants expressing a GFP-labelled movement protein of the tobacco mosaic virus, it was demonstrated that the interspecific plasmodesmata are open. The transfer of substances in the phloem from host(More)
Although tremendous effort has been put into synthetic libraries, most drugs on the market are still natural compounds or derivatives thereof. There are encyclopaedias of natural compounds, but the availability of these compounds is often unclear and catalogues from numerous suppliers have to be checked. To overcome these problems we have compiled a(More)
Extended abstract The pharmaceutical industry is hunting for high-affinity inhibitors of medical targets, but most of them fail in clinical trials because of severe side effects. On the other hand, there is a growing knowledge about multiple targets and their role in various signalling pathways. Therefore, the integration of experimental data, literature(More)
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