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We investigated the surface hydrophobicity index based on different fluorescence probes [1-anilinonaphthalene-8-sulfonic acid (ANS) and 6-propionyl-2-(N,N-dimethylamino)-naphthalene (PRODAN)], free sulfhydryl and disulfide bond contents, and particle size of 80% milk protein concentrate (MPC80) powders prepared by adding various amounts of NaCl (0, 50, 100,(More)
Neuronal (N)-type Ca(2+) channel-selective omega-conotoxins have emerged as potential new drugs for the treatment of chronic pain. In this study, two new omega-conotoxins, CVIE and CVIF, were discovered from a Conus catus cDNA library. Both conopeptides potently displaced (125)I-GVIA binding to rat brain membranes. In Xenopus laevis oocytes, CVIE and CVIF(More)
Two milk protein concentrates powders with 80% protein content (MPC80) were reconstituted with either water or permeate at 4 o C or 37 o C to contain 3.5% protein content. Samples were homogenized at 0 or 13800 kPa. The objective of this research was to determine how different solubility measures such as solubility index, soluble solids and particle size(More)
In order to study the factors controlling the phytoplankton distribution across the Antarctic Polar Frontal Region (PFR), surface pigment samples were collected during austral summer (January/February 1998) near 1701W. Both the Polar Front (PF) and the Southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current Front (SACCF) were regions of enhanced accumulation of(More)
Semi-natural grasslands can combine biomass production with provision of multiple ecosystem services. Unfortunately, grassland establishment can be unpredictable and vulnerable to exotic plant invasion, potentially due to soil legacies from previous cultivation. Native plants could mitigate these legacies by changing soil attributes and facilitating other(More)
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