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Engineering of benzoxazinoid biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana: Metabolic and physiological challenges.
The results indicate that inefficient channeling of substrates along the pathway and metabolisation of intermediates in host plants might be a general drawback for transgenic establishment of specialised metabolite biosynthesis pathways and Bx3 has a crucial role in the evolution of the pathway. Expand
Material religion in comparative perspective : how different is BCE from CE?
Contents The wider theoretical issue.-- 'Primary' vs 'secondary' religion?-- 'Locative' vs 'utopian' religion?-- Genealogy: 'ancient' vs 'post-ancient' religion?-- Dichotomies, real-world historyExpand
Traverse for a lifting system, lifting system in a nuclear power plant and method for operating a nuclear facility using such Traverse
A cross member (1) is provided as a stop tool for handling the reactor pressure vessel cover of a nuclear reactor. For a universal utility the crossbar (1) has a parallelepipedic central body (2),Expand