Stefanie Herberth

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Sorting of transmembrane proteins into the inner vesicles of multivesicular bodies for subsequent delivery to the vacuole/lysosome can be induced by attachment of a single ubiquitin or K63-linked ubiquitin chains to the cytosolic portion of the cargo in yeast and mammals. In plants, large efforts have been undertaken to elucidate the mechanisms of vacuolar(More)
Cell death, autophagy and endosomal sorting contribute to many physiological, developmental and immunological processes in plants. They are mechanistically interconnected and interdependent, but the molecular basis of their mutual regulation has only begun to emerge in plants. Here, we describe the identification and molecular characterization of CELL DEATH(More)
The GLABRA3 gene is a major regulator of trichome patterning in Arabidopsis thaliana. The regulatory regions important for the trichome-specific expression of GL3 have not been characterized yet. In this study, we used a combination of marker and rescue constructs to determine the relevant promoter regions. We demonstrate that a 1 kb 5' region combined with(More)
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