Stefanie Heigele

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Newly generated young neurons in the adult hippocampus receive GABAergic synaptic inputs, which are crucial for activity-dependent survival and functional maturation between 1-3 weeks after mitosis. We found synaptically driven action potential (AP) firing in these newborn young cells in adult mice. Although glutamatergic synaptic inputs remained(More)
Stable rhythmic neural activity depends on the well-coordinated interplay of synaptic and cell-intrinsic conductances. Since all biophysical processes are temperature dependent, this interplay is challenged during temperature fluctuations. How the nervous system remains functional during temperature perturbations remains mostly unknown. We present a(More)
In adult neurogenesis young neurons connect to the existing network via formation of thousands of new synapses. At early developmental stages, glutamatergic synapses are sparse, immature and functionally 'silent', expressing mainly NMDA receptors. Here we show in 2- to 3-week-old young neurons of adult mice, that brief-burst activity in glutamatergic fibers(More)
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