Stefanie Gaulrapp

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To determine whether smokers with a history of depression are differentially susceptible to smoking withdrawal, depressed mood induction and/or hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysregulation during smoking abstinence, 24 women smokers with and without such a history were studied. During one 5-day interval, participants smoked ad libitum; during a(More)
We investigated whether 52 same-sex sibling pairs discordant for ever-smoking differed on psychiatric cofactors, alcohol and caffeine use, and responses to initial exposure to smoking. Ever-smokers scored significantly higher on measures of novelty seeking, depression, and childhood ADHD, and on alcohol dependence, alcohol intake, and caffeine intake. They(More)
To investigate the accuracy of offspring assessments of parental smoking status, we studied 116 parents and 151 adult children (276 parent-child dyads) who provided data on both their own and their parents' smoking status. All currently smoking and all ex-smoking parents were correctly classified as ever-smokers by their offspring (n = 79 and 100,(More)
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