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Testosterone stimulates the expression of male-typical socio-sexual and song behaviors in female budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus): An experimental study.
The data indicate that in the budgerigar even marked sex differences in socio-sexual behavior may depend on the activational effects of T, while this is generally not the case in other species. Expand
Hot or Not: The Effects of Exogenous Testosterone on Female Attractiveness to Male Conspecifics in the Budgerigar
The findings indicate that selection for higher levels of testosterone in male budgerigars is probably not constrained by a correlated response to selection causing negative effects on female attractiveness during initial mate choice, and that a potential constraint may arise from negative testosterone-induced effects on other fitness related traits in females. Expand
Bare-Part Color in Female Budgerigars Changes from Brown to Structural Blue following Testosterone Treatment but Is Not Strongly Masculinized
The quantitative results show that exogenous testosterone induces the expression of structural blue color in females but does not strongly masculinize female cere coloration, providing several potential pathways for the action of testosterone on structural color. Expand
Influence of mate preference and laying order on maternal allocation in a monogamous parrot species with extreme hatching asynchrony
The results suggest that in this species, female preference may influence maternal resource allocation, and that the functional roles of each androgen in the yolk should be considered separately. Expand
Male-like testosterone levels inhibit oviposition in a female parrot: A breeding experiment in budgerigars
The results indicate that female budgerigars suffer fitness costs from male-like plasma T levels, and it may be possible that, also in non-songbird species, selection for higher T levels in males is constrained by a correlated response to selection which imposes fitness costs on females in terms of reproduction. Expand