Stefanie Chye

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This study examined the motivation of young people in internet gaming using the dualistic model of passion. Path analysis was used to examine the relationships between the two types of passion: obsessive and harmonious passion, behavioral regulations, and flow. A total of 1074 male secondary school students from Singapore took part in the study. The results(More)
<lb>E-learning is one of the new innovative tools used for teaching and learning in<lb>Republic Polytechnic. As it is new, there is a lack of study about its implementation<lb>and this has prompted this study. The goal of this study is to develop and use a suitable instrument to measure students’<lb>attitudes toward e-learning. It also aims to serve as a(More)
In recent years, research indicated that the problematic effects of Internet use must be examined together with individual differences present in its users with which such effects are contingent. This study examined loneliness in adolescents as a mediator of the relationship between shyness and their generalized problematic Internet use (PIU). A total of(More)
This study examined the relationships between the approach-avoidance dimension, as well as the mastery-performance dimension of achievement goals, implicit theory of intelligence, and behavioral regulations among engineering students in a polytechnic in the academic domain. Polytechnic students (n = 1359) from Singapore participated in the survey. They were(More)
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