Stefanie Breukers

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The results of tethered spinal cord operations in 42 patients were evaluated. Over a period of 10 years, 20 spina bifida occulta (S.B.O.) and 22 spina bifida aperta (S.B.A.) patients were operated. In the S.B.O. group 6 patients were operated when young in order to prevent neurological deterioration. With a mean follow-up of 3 years they developed no new(More)
Stable cationic carotenoid aggregates - predominantly of the J-type - develop when the hydrochlorides of carotenoid aldoximes and ketoximes are exposed to water. The oxime hydrochlorides are obtained by simple syntheses from commercially available food color carotenoids. Bluish-purple, unstable transient compounds were observed during hydrochlorination(More)
The reaction of the μ(3)-oxido-centred trinuclear isobutyrate cluster [Fe(3)O(O(2)CCHMe(2))(6)(H(2)O)(3)](+) with an excess of phenol (PhOH) in chloroform produces a novel octanuclear Fe(III) cluster, cyclo-tetra-μ(2)-hydroxido-dodeca-μ(2)-isobutyrato-κ(24)O:O'-octa-μ(2)-phenolato-κ(16)O:O'-octairon(III) phenol hexasolvate monohydrate,(More)
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