Stefanie Berger

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A single-step multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay that detects and identifies Norovirus, Astrovirus and Adenovirus in clinical stool samples is described. Four hundred sixty stool samples were tested from patients with non-rotavirus acute gastroenteritis, that were either stored at -80 degrees C and tested(More)
Semaphorins are known modulators of axonal sprouting and angiogenesis. In the retina, we identified a distinct and almost exclusive expression of Semaphorin 3F in the outer layers. Interestingly, these outer retinal layers are physiologically avascular. Using functional in vitro models, we report potent anti-angiogenic effects of Semaphorin 3F on both(More)
Mood disorders are frequently paralleled by disturbances in circadian rhythm-related physiological and behavioral states and genetic variants of clock genes have been associated with depression. Cryptochrome 2 (Cry2) is one of the core components of the molecular circadian machinery which has been linked to depression, both, in patients suffering from the(More)
Potato plants carrying the Ry(sto) gene from Solanum stoloniferum are extremely resistant to a number of potyviruses, but it is not known at what stage of infection the resistance is expressed. The resistance may be due to Ry(sto) or to a closely linked gene. In this investigation, we used potato virus Y (PVY) and a tobacco etch virus construct that encodes(More)
DNA-based immunization is a promising new technique for generating antibodies in laboratory animals for diagnostic purposes in biological science. The main advantages are the elimination of time and labor and the technically demanding steps of antigen purification. The DNA sequence of the protein of interest, cloned in a suitable in vivo expression vector(More)
BACKGROUND Depression and schizophrenia are debilitating mental illnesses with significant socio-economic impact. The high degree of comorbidity between the two disorders, and shared symptoms and risk factors, suggest partly common pathogenic mechanisms. Supported by human and animal studies, maternal immune activation (MIA) has been intimately associated(More)
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is one of the most debilitating psychiatric diseases, affecting a large percentage of the population worldwide. Currently, the underlying pathomechanisms remain incompletely understood, hampering the development of critically needed alternative therapeutic strategies, which further largely depends on the availability of(More)
Gestational infection is increasingly being recognized for its involvement as causative mechanism in severe developmental brain abnormalities and its contribution to the pathogenesis of psychopathologies later in life. First observations in the widely accepted maternal immune activation (MIA) model based upon the systemic administration of the viral mimetic(More)
Background: As teacher training plays a major role in the development of (prospective) teachers’ knowledge, differences between the professional knowledge of prospective teachers at Austrian and German universities were examined in the current study. The teacher training systems of business and economic education in both countries differ substantially(More)
Mein Dank geht auch an alle, die das Graduiertenkolleg " Quantitative Economics and Finance " ermöglicht haben, die Stiftung des Landes Baden-Württemberg, die Deutsch-Französische Hochschule und das Thurgauer Wirtschaftsinstitut für die finanzielle Unterstützung meiner Arbeit. Ich möchte mich auch bedanken bei denjenigen Menschen, die nicht (unbedingt) aus(More)